The Muskin Company can help you design and build your new home on your lot or on one of ours. We begin by assisting you in selecting the right architect for the job. Several meetings and site visits will be necessary in order to put your dreams to paper. In addition, we ask each prospective homeowner to create a wish list, including all the rooms and finishes they imagine in their custom home. This process can take as little as 8 weeks and as long as several months.

After schematic drawings are complete, and before a considerable amount of money and time are spent, we prepare a preliminary budget and a set of specifications. This is our first opportunity to review our progress and to make changes. We can also determine if we are all on the same page and any revisions that must be made to the scope of work. We can generally price out the home in two weeks or less. It is important to note that at The Muskin Company, we endeavor to use the same sub-contractors throughout the years. This assures us the best quality job.

Once plans and specifications are approved, a contract is drawn up and executed. Construction of your custom home will begin within two weeks of receiving a construction permit. Generally, The Muskin Company takes between 6 and 10 months to build custom homes. This depends significantly on the complexity of the home and on the speed with which selections can be made. The selection process involves not only visiting Austin showrooms to choose such things as appliances and plumbing fixtures, but also meeting with our interior designer to pick tile and paint colors. This procedure is time-consuming in the beginning and less so as we get further into the construction.

Keep in mind, adjustments can and will be made along the way. It is, after all, a custom home. In the event that plans are modified, a change order may become necessary. In this eventuality, The Muskin Company will collect the information, research and price the change and present the information to you for your approval. The changes must be signed and approved prior to initiating the work.

Between 6 and 8 meetings will occur during the course of construction. These will help us to assess progress, to make and confirm selections and to be certain you understand all the systems and functionalities of your home. Ten days prior to close, a punch list (a list to identify any remaining cosmetic defects) will be created and completed. Now you are ready to close on your custom home and to begin to enjoy all of your hard work!